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Swedish saying, meaning "not too much, not too little, just the right amount" is the vision that has inspired Aspen.
This project is a mix between Walnut and Oak. It is designed to fit perfectly into the minimalistic modern home, but can also add tranquillity to more abstract living spaces.
Imperfection can work beautifully to your advantage, the wood's naturalness is something that invites order in a beautiful manner.
Necessity, it’s said, is the mother of invention. But for Venetian mosaic workers, it could be said “the love of beauty” was the driving force behind their invention of terrazzo tile.
This graphic is a Vicenza stone from the Berici Hills (Italy). It has been known and used since Roman times.
Special stone extracted from the Italian Carnie Alps. It is presented in different colors and consists of a strong core matched with with light and elegant veins.
Extreme versatility, natural beauty and contemporary personality.
All the expressive potential of natural material and a distinctive aesthetic impact: these are the fearures behind the soul of Finestone.
Bestone is a French limestone with a textured surface. Surface scratches and voids are signs of uniqueness and imperfection.
The perfect versatile tile collection, Cement - Showcasing the raw beauty of concrete.

Tiny lines and other irregularities make this graphic look more realistic and also create a balance and dialogue between perfectly harmonized airiness and depth between lines that are sure to add a rustic touch to any space.

Inspired is by the mountains of Northern Italy and by the unique features of brushed oak, traditionally used to warm dwellings located up in the mountains.
This is a mix between a stone and a marble. The marble Breccia Sarda from Sardinia (Italy) with its typical irregular shaped dots and different shade contrast.
Like a cluster of mismatched stars suspended through a milky constellation.
Project inspired from quartzite. A perfect formation of numerous colors and textures create a subtle harmony perfect for contemporary, modern and classic environments.
Lipica Limestone is a fine grain limestone quarried in Slovenia. It is a stone speckled by more or less fossils and white veins.