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Spectacular light & shadow play.


Ready to take your space to a new dimension?


3D tiles are a spectacular three-dimensional wall covering with an attractive dynamic look created by the play of light and shadow. Structure or the relief is made with structural tampons when pressing the biscuit. 3D tiles enrich and enliven walls with the third dimension and light breathes life into them and changes their appear­ance under different light sources. Today, 3D tiles with geometric or organic motifs (various mosaics, lines, six angles, rhombuses, waves, plant or other natural shapes) are popular.

After years of minimalism, bathrooms are becoming big­ger and more luxurious, which coincides with the mod­ern way of life, where time is extremely valuable. The bathroom is a place where we relax after a hard day, where we take care of our health and well-being, so it is important to design it with pleasant and inspiring vibes in mind. Even in a small bathroom, 3D tiles can add extra dimension, visual interest and character.

3D tiles usually have the function of decoration in the ambiance, which means that they are laid in combination with basic tiles. We place them on the wall or part of the wall that we want to highlight or spice up. The entire wall laid with 3D tiles will create a uniform relief surface, where the light effect will be most pronounced. How­ever, we can opt only for vertical layout, with which we break and brighten up long and empty walls, or for horizontal layout, which will optically expand a narrow space. When planning the installation, consider the position of the bathroom equipment. Installing bathroom equipment on 3D tiles is a bit more demanding, so it is recommended that you inform the installer.

3D tiles can be incorporated into a variety of interior design styles. For a more minimalist approach, we choose 3D tiles in the same or similar color and pattern as the base tiles, and for more varied styles, we have unlim­ited possibilities of combining 3D and base tiles, both wall and floor or frost-resistant.