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WARM MINIMALISM & how to achieve cosy simplicity

Comfort is king.


living in an era where we are completely surrounded by instant, overabundant, excessive information and stimulations, has its downfalls – a cluster of movement and sensory overload. And our homes will sometimes echo the abundance of the outside. We’ll buy things in an compulsory and material­istic manner, we’ll over-accumulate clutter and our houses end up just as overwhelming as the outdoors.


But less stuff doesn’t have to equate to cold or plain spaces that are void of personality. Beauty, function & warmth can co-exist within the minimalist aesthetic. Minimalism isn’t necessarily about having less but making time and creating space for more of what you love and the way you like to live in the space. In designing your home, it’s about being intentional about each element you bring into each room. You’re not just trying to “fill space” but would be willing to wait to find those pieces that truly resonate with you and are the right fit for your room. At the core of warm minimalism’s casual look is actual comfort. Comfort is king. It’s defined by cosy simplicity but also its ability to be extremely functional and purposeful. The style harmoniously mixes natural elements while still incorporating accents to add depth and visual interest.

Here are some tips to follow if you’re after the look. Clearly define a color scheme that is based around warm or neutral colors, soft hues and calming colors found in nature. Mixing different patterns gives a room interest but sticking to a clearly defined color scheme will keep things from looking mismatched. Texture plays important role to enrich the space. Use plenty of it to add visual and tactile interest, like jute, linen, cotton, wool... Different textures will keep things exciting. Earthy textures and colors create a warm, organic look. Hints of the natural world always makes a space feel more restful and reviving.

Make it personal and invest in things that are going to last a lifetime or create memories whether that’s a wall of large photographs or a carefully curat­ed collection of items you’ve picked up on your travels. Minimalist interiors evoke quality over quantity. Furniture is typically light, blonde and not overly stained wood. The shapes are simple but meant to have a multi-functional purpose. Lighting is an important element in this decor style. You’ll find candle-lit moments and simple light fixtures that provide a warm ambiance throughout the home.

While you wouldn’t necessarily think of warm when thinking of bathrooms, it’s achievable. Use tiles with warm tones and pair them with the same color schemed textured/3D tiles. A fluffy robe and towels will add that softness, while a statement mirror or vanity will add lots of character and depth. Bring a candle, invite nature indoors with accent decor like plants and organically shaped ceramic vases.