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GORENJE KERAMIKA - High quality, sustainable, contemporary solutions.

Slovenian ceramic tile brand with half a century of tradition.


The story of Gorenje Keramika started 1974, when the factory for ceramic tiles production was built in the village Gorenje near Velenje. In cooperation with the leading Italian experts in the industry Gorenje Keramika adopted technology of bicottura (double firing) and produced the first tiles in size 20x20 cm. They were decorated by traditional screen-printing technology. This was the type of indoor floor tile, suitable for laying on floor and wall .

Already in the 1980s Gorenje Keramika made the first technical and technological modernization to monocottura technology, that requires single firing only. Production was expanded with new department for additional decoration, a boutique form of production of decorative tiles with special effects and precious materials. Next step was investment into new kiln and devel­opment of new type of indoor wall tiles (monoporosa technology), that has lower weight and puts less pressure on the walls. Entrance into 21st Century brought a new period of energetic optimization and ecological improvement, followed by digital revolution in 2014. Digital decoration opened new possibilities for contem­porary design and realistic representations of natural materials that are a major trend. Since digital printing (ink jet) requires no direct contact with the surface of the tile, also strong structures can be decorated. This resulted in additional type of wall tiles – 3D wall tiles with sophisticated geometric or organic structures, that matches the printed pattern.


In 2017 the company successfully finished a major project of adopting the technology of porce­lain tiles production. Porcelain tiles (gres porcellanato) are suitable also for outdoor tiling, since they are insensible to temperature differences, moisture and frost. They soon reached half of the whole production and replaced older type of indoor floor tile. With this step the company rounded up its range of products with the production of two types of tiles: indoor wall tiles and porcelain tiles. Continual technological progress enabled introduction of different formats, 20x50, 25x60 and 25x75 cm for wall tiles and 30x60, 60x60 and 22,5x90 cm for porcelain tiles.

The production capacity is 2 million m2 per year, 65% is exported. The fundamental values of the com­pany are quality, sustainability and contemporary design. Long-term cooperation with major suppliers of raw materials and constant internal laboratory testing and improving the reci­pes guarantees a high-quality product with excellent technical characteristics. The company is committed to sustainable development in every stage of production. All the materials must conform to strict ecological standards. The production line, the kiln, graphical and other equipment comes from major European companies, that are leading actors worldwide (Sacmi, Siti, Technoferari, X-Rite, Adobe,…).

Technical modernization investments created energetically optimized and environmentally friendly production. The brand is oriented towards trend research and follows the latest developments in the world of architecture and interior design. It cooperates with recognized Italian design studios, that are synonymous for contemporary design. With digital printing on raw ceramic body, superi­or graphical equipment and rich experiences in the field of firing ceramic materials, Gorenje Keramika creates unique decorative designs and realistic representations of other natural materials that don’t match the superior technical properties of ceramic or are ecologically problematic.


 Gorenje keramika - skandinavski stil
 Gorenje keramika - skandinavski stil